Crap is that blood?

FRICK, please don't be blood.

Maybe it's implantation bleeding?

Ok definitely a period...


*quietly cries in the bathroom*

*quietly SOBS in the bathroom"

But what went wrong?

I knew I shouldn't have worked out so many time this week! I sho...


Talking about your body is always a VERY scary and VERY nerve wracking thing. These days there is so much shame & comparison going around there's often not a safe space to discuss your figure without feeling bad about it. 

So of course...

It has been a year since my battle with postpartum depression and praise God I am still free from its grasp! But if I am being honest I can still feel the shadow..

You see, I thought I was going to Kenya to use my gifts as an entrepreneur, my knowledge of start-ups.. I WAS WRONG!

 I LOVE packing. Like a lot! And I adore being prepared!!!! 

Like 4 weeks before a trip I will start laying out my outfits and making sure I am bringing the right stuff. I will mix and match each piece and whittle it down until I can fit everything i...

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it's all about 

being relevant

books + bible study
marriage + motherhood
fitness + nutrition
dog + home
travel + budget
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I get things done! I thrive when I can organize,  plan,

budget, & train for things. 


I took up blogging because I wanted to have a place where I could chronicle all our big life events. It was between a blog or a shutter fly book each year.


My parents are wildlife ranchers in central Texas. We lived in a double wide trailer on our property for 4 years of my child hood.

I married my favorite person & the most handsome man in the entire world.


The 3 things I can't stop watching are Gossip Girl, The Office &, Harry Potter.  

On any given day, you’ll find me listening to film sound tracks or audio books


My Myers Briggs is INTJ.

On Ennegram I am a Challenger.

Physical touch is my love language, but I for sure don't come across that way.