WHOLE 30 was WAY more that I bargained for!!! Here's what I mean...

Do you think your food consumption or avoidance can be a reflection of your overall discipline in life?

Do you think what you eat affects how you are experiencing God?

Do you think that God CARE...

Are you the leader God is looking for? 

Hmmm….. that is a bold question! 

When Jesus selected his crew of world changers he brought in the most motley bunch of randoms!  It’s strange isn’t it? I mean, if you’re on an elite mission to save the planet, USUALLY (I...

Instead of Resolutions this year, I am opting for Reflections & Questions - and they are anything but normal! 

I have come up with a fun & quick interactive list of things to think about, BECAUSE what good is goal-setting for the next year if you haven't spent...

We bought our first house in February of this year and I have had so much fun decorating & designing it! I, like every one else who has seen Chip & Jo on Fixer Upper, think I am an amazing interior designer. So I have been logging our process.

The one huge...

Why am I so sad?

This is supposed to be the happiest season of my life, why am I so so sad?

Why can’t I stop thinking about death? 

Every single time she looks at me I want to cry.  It is so beautiful and so fleeting. It feels like time is flying by me all of a...

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I get things done! I thrive when I can organize,  plan,

budget, & train for things. 


I took up blogging because I wanted to have a place where I could chronicle all our big life events. It was between a blog or a shutter fly book each year.


My parents are wildlife ranchers in central Texas. We lived in a double wide trailer on our property for 4 years of my child hood.

I married my favorite person & the most handsome man in the entire world.


The 3 things I can't stop watching are Gossip Girl, The Office &, Harry Potter.  

On any given day, you’ll find me listening to film sound tracks or audio books


My Myers Briggs is INTJ.

On Ennegram I am a Challenger.

Physical touch is my love language, but I for sure don't come across that way.