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I get things done! I thrive when I can organize,  plan,

budget, & train for things. 


I took up blogging because I wanted to have a place where I could chronicle all our big life events. It was between a blog or a shutter fly book each year.


My parents are wildlife ranchers in central Texas. We lived in a double wide trailer on our property for 4 years of my child hood.

I married my favorite person & the most handsome man in the entire world.


The 3 things I can't stop watching are Gossip Girl, The Office &, Harry Potter.  

On any given day, you’ll find me listening to film sound tracks or audio books


My Myers Briggs is INTJ.

On Ennegram I am a Challenger.

Physical touch is my love language, but I for sure don't come across that way.

Crap is that blood?

FRICK, please don't be blood.

Maybe it's implantation bleeding?

Ok definitely a period...


*quietly cries in the bathroom*

*quietly SOBS in the bathroom"

But what went wrong?

I knew I shouldn't have worked out so many time this week! I should have just rested. Next time if I even sort of think I am pregnant I will NOT be working out for at least 3 weeks. 

Or maybe we didn't have enough sex?

Or maybe we s...


Talking about your body is always a VERY scary and VERY nerve wracking thing. These days there is so much shame & comparison going around there's often not a safe space to discuss your figure without feeling bad about it. 

So of course I want to talk about it! :) And specifically I want to talk about what happened to my body after having my baby. 

JUST TO BE CLEAR: I am not going to talk about my weight...

Giving birth is THE most amazing thing in the entire universe!

But it is also insanely traumatic on a woman's body.

As I remember my own treacherous and beautiful journey into motherhood  I have pulled together a few things that no one told me about pregnancy & giving birth that I wish I had been prepared for. Here we go!

  1. Water retention during pregnancy can cause CARPAL TUNNEL and can make your hands go numb!

    Since it...

If being human is natural & if holiness is supernatural then OF COURSE it is going to feel unnatural & inauthentic the first time you do anything holy. BUT pursuing that growth, despite the discomfort, is a key factor in becoming a leader of faith. 

One of my favorite sayings is "Don’t fake it til you make it, TRAIN IT ‘TIL IT’S TRUE!"

This is the mantra of a spiritual leader! So lets talk about the 4 must hav...

Are you the leader God is looking for? 

Hmmm….. that is a bold question! 

When Jesus selected his crew of world changers he brought in the most motley bunch of randoms!  It’s strange isn’t it? I mean, if you’re on an elite mission to save the planet, USUALLY (I‘m pulling this from movies )  you bring in only the best of the best and the brightest of bright….. not a random person muddling through a life of seeming mediocrity....

Instead of Resolutions this year, I am opting for Reflections & Questions - and they are anything but normal! 

I have come up with a fun & quick interactive list of things to think about, BECAUSE what good is goal-setting for the next year if you haven't spent time reviewing your last one?

But here is the catch, this list CAN'T be done by yourself.... you'll need to be brave if you want to finish these questions...they WILL push...

Why am I so sad?

This is supposed to be the happiest season of my life, why am I so so sad?

Why can’t I stop thinking about death? 

Every single time she looks at me I want to cry.  It is so beautiful and so fleeting. It feels like time is flying by me all of a sudden.

I don’t want her to grow up! I want to savor this moment forever. She is so sweet and tiny and full of potential!

I can’t wait for her to grow up! All she does...

Everyone was staring. And why wouldn't they be, we were making a scene! I could't help but wonder how weird we must have looked... how weird I must have looked!

I was 19 and in total shock. Nobody knew but me. Not even the father. At least not yet.

After weeks of deliberating I had decided to keep the baby...MY baby.

I had sex ONCE and I got pregnant. 

What the frick! It was like a bad joke coming to life. And to top it off the father, my boy friend of 3 years, and I had just broken up BECAUSE we felt guilty about losing our virginity to each other! 

Things couldn't get much worse.

And the...

EST. READING TIME: 2 minutes


I am not scared of being a mom, the act of keeping a human alive and raising it to be a decent person sounds fun to me.

I am scared of the person I will become as a result of being a mom.

I am scared of how fast time seems to be flying and I am only 13 weeks pregnant!

I am scared of how my body is changing.

I am scared of being distracted from God.

I am scared of how busy being a mom will make me.

I am s...

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