• Chelsea-Shay Friesen

Beating Postpartum Depression - Part 2

It has been a year since my battle with postpartum depression and praise God I am still free from its grasp!

But if I am being honest I can still feel the shadows of ppd just around the corner at any given moment. Like a phantom wound, the hopelessness can seem to be looming over me, only to realize I am actually fine, it is just an echo of a pain I used to know.

My road to recovery was not easy but I wanted to share the main things that helped me get out of that pit.

This is not an extensive list, nor is it scientific. This is simple my musings on what helped ME find freedom.

Helpful Bandaids:

1. Never say " I am depressed." Depression can't define you, unless you let it. Always say, " I am battling depression." There is power in your words. I didn't want want to give my sadness a bigger foothold than it already had so I was careful to not put it in a position of authority in my self identification.Depression was not ME, and I was NOT depressed. It was the enemy... and we were at war.

2. Take B-12 Vitamins. I used to take the dissolvable pills but now I use the liquid B-12 & it has been a game changer. It helps me have the energy I need to do my day & fight negative thoughts.

3. Get ACTIVE!!! Find something that gets your heart beat elevated & your brow sweating! Endorphins are the brain's "feel-good" chemicals, and are the body's natural painkillers. Endorphins are proven to help relieve pain and induce feelings of pleasure or euphoria! I was desperate for any relief I could find & working out was one of the few reliable resources that would give me immediate results.

4. Get out. Out of the house. Out of your head. Out of your norms. Change your scenery. Change your routines. Change your thought patterns. As I sought small changes in my day-to-day I found my self more open to changing my mind about my situation.

5. Speak SCRIPTURE over yourself! Pick a few scriptures that address your heart issue and write them on a note card. Carry those notecards around EVERYWHERE. And when you find your self numb & sad & teary eyed, READ THAT TRUTH out loud over yourself

6. Pray for healing & ask others to pray too. Ask people to pray for you right then and there. Sharing my pain with other believers miraculously lightened my load.

The Cure:

5. Trust God's timing & goodness. Depression is a physical & mental illness AND it is a soul wound. Whether the trigger point was a chemical imbalance or a major life change, the result is a void in the soul. This is the hardest part but Christ is the only thing that can truly heal you because God alone can heal wounds of the soul. So as you seek healing, whether it be from counseling, medicine, or any of the other things I suggested, know that God is the only true Healer! And He always redeems the hard things He allows.

Again, this is not an extensive list, a perfect list, or a scientific formula for healing. These are just a few of the key road signs that helped lead me out of my battle with depression.

Thanks for reading!