10 Questions to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

January 1, 2019

Instead of Resolutions this year, I am opting for Reflections & Questions - and they are anything but normal! 


I have come up with a fun & quick interactive list of things to think about, BECAUSE what good is goal-setting for the next year if you haven't spent time reviewing your last one?


But here is the catch, this list CAN'T be done by yourself.... you'll need to be brave if you want to finish these questions...they WILL push you out of your comfort zone. And if you can make it through every question, I can pretty much promise that you'll feel ready to tackle 2019.


Here is my list of self-reflection questions to ask yourself, your friends, your community, or - if you're really brave - your family!


First, write down three adjectives that you think described you this past year. Now get ready...

  1. Ask three of your best friends: "What are three adjectives that you think described me this last year?

    How does their list compare to yours? How does that make you feel?

  2. Ask your parents (both of them if possible)"When is the last time you felt the most loved by me, and how?"

    Open your calendar, pick a date, & set a reminder to  care for them in a similar way this year.

  3. Ask your current or last roommate: "What is one habit of mine that I have room to grow in?"

    If you need to, ask for their forgiveness! You'll feel so free!
    Oh, and don't use this as an opportunity to remind them of that habit they have.

  4. Ask your siblings (or the closest person to a sibling if you're an only child):  "What is something about our relationship that you cherish? What is something you cherish in your friendships that you'd like to see more of in our relationship?" 

  5. Ask your community: "What can't I see about myself that holds me back from true growth? What is in my "peripherals" that I need to focus on?"

  6. Ask yourself: "When is the last time I felt heartwarming joy?"

    1. What would it take to get there again?

  7. Ask yourself, what was I doing the last time I felt deeply refreshed & relaxed?

    1. When can I do that again? Open your calendar and mark out a specific day and time to take care of yourself & sabbath.

  8. Ask yourself, who in my life brings out the best in me? 

    1. What is it about them that makes me better?

    2. Faith is a team sport so who do I need to surround myself with in order to be spurred on?

  9. Ask yourself, when did I feel like I was at my "best" spiritually, physically, mentally, relationally,  this last year?

    1. What made me feel that way?

    2. What would it take to get there again?

  10. Ask yourself, if satan is going to take me out this year, if he is going to distract me from my faith, if he is going to mess with my ministry, if he is going to stall me out.... how is he going to do it? 

No matter what happened in the last 365 days... EVERYTHING can change in the New Year! There is hope beyond reason waiting for each and every one of us. Whether your journey gets harder or happier in this next cycle around the sun, there is only ONE GOAL worth seeking... one goal that will never return void... one goal that will never give up on you... one goal that fights for you more than you could ever fight for it!  

His name is Jesus.

Stand in His presence, sit at his feet, delight in his love... THIS IS THE ONLY GOAL I pray for you as you process these questions.  PASS IT ON! 






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