My 6 Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Hacks

November 28, 2018


We bought our first house in February of this year and I have had so much fun decorating & designing it! I, like every one else who has seen Chip & Jo on Fixer Upper, think I am an amazing interior designer. So I have been logging our process.


The one huge caveat is that we live on a pastors salary so I have had to be very budget conscious. And in the pursuit of saving money I have found some legit ways to outfit our cute little cottage for SUPER CHEAP! 


#1. Facebook Market- The best tool I have used, BY FAR, to decorate our home with furniture is FB Marketplace. 80 % of our home was purchased on FB and I have calculated, by comparing items I have purchased used with their new ticket price, that it has saved us about $5,000. But the main way I have felt confident enough to buy used things with out fear they won't work is by using my second tool.


#2. the Houzz App - This is a super easy interior design app that lets you take a picture of the space you want to design and create a digital rendering of what you are hoping to achieve. I have digitally designed my spaces with new items from the app and then looked for those types of pieces on FB. THIS HAS BEEN HUGELY HELPFUL for someone like me who is very visual.



#3. Bulk Trash Day  - some might find this gross BUT I will purposefully drive around on bulk trash day to see if anyone is getting rid of things that I like/ could use. I have found 3 items this way and they are some of my favorite pieces in the house! Plus I LOVE telling people, " isn't that thing cool? I found it next to a dumpster!" 


#4. Pinterest Ikea Hacks - This one was out of my comfort zone but we added a " built in" into our closet by using a pinterest Ikea hack. This is still a work in progress but it is super great looking and cost only $400, when most built ins go for WAY more than that.


#5. Way Fair - basic. I use it. I like it. It shows up on my door.


#6. Overstock - basic. I use it. I like it. It shows up on my door. 


Well enough talk! Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think!

I mean who doesn't love home renovation "before" and "after" photos?!

















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